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Experience Mid Canterbury is a district tourism organisation (DTO) tasked with promoting Mid Canterbury as a visitor destination to bring more guest to Mid Canterbury. Our role is to increase visitor numbers, visitor spend and time in the region through creating and coordinating effective marketing and promotional activity including :

  • Destinational marketing (international, domestic, events, conferences) 
  • Destinational management (infrastructure, long-term strategic development, advocacy, environmental management and leadership)
  • Tourism business development (supporting new businesses, quality and sustainable initiatives across the industry)
  • Tourism and business support
  • i-SITE and visitor information services. 

Advice for Tourism Businesses 
Whether your enterprise is a start-up or a mature business, our team is available for advice, consultation and discussion.  Whether you need some assistance, or wish to discuss any issue with us, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us to make a suitable time that we can meet.

Tourism Industry Newsletter
We publish newsletters including information about recent marketing activity, upcoming industry events and information relevant to all members of the tourism industry.  Contact us to ensure you are on the database to receive this.

Regional Marketing Initiatives
Many of the marketing initiatives undertaken by Experience Mid Canterbury, whether planned activity, or an ad-hoc project, provide opportunities for tourism businesses to get involved.  Keep an eye out for emailed opportunities or in our newsletter for notification.

Advertising for Tourism Businesses
Our role in providing visitor information provides the tourism industry with an opportunity to gain profile of their individual business.  Please refer to details on the Working With Us page.

Industry Networking Events 
Experience Mid Canterbury conducts Networking events during the year.  They usually include guest speakers and are designed as a way for tourism businesses to meet with our team within their own locality and to find out more about what we have coming up. It's also a chance for us to hear some of your ideas as well.  This is also a good opportunity for tourism businesses to get together with each other.  Look out for notification of these events either via email or in our newsletters.

Advocacy and Lobbying
As an independently-run Council Controlled Organisation we are in a position to provide advocacy on tourism matters as appropriate.  As such we are actively submitting to our council shareholders on matters affecting the tourism industry.  If you have any matters you believe need addressing in this way, please contact us to discuss this further.